Kib’s Legacy.

A low tech world where humans know nothing.

A fleet of refugees landed at the shores of an unexplored continent some 100 years ago. Thanks to the hospitality of the Dwarves, the shore was fairly claimed for the refugees. They tried settling the shore, and theological differences arose. The majority of settlers believed in a single god, while a minority believed in the pantheon model introduced by the Dwarves.

Two main groups went to war within the human harbor. The Dwarves were sympathetic to the minority, but contributed little supplies and no men to the conflict.

The polytheistic group, lead by Mikeus the Craven Templar, was forced out of the port town, and pursued into the mountains to the North. Many were slain in a retreat up a steep slope, including Mikeus. High, and secure, a fort was raised by a skilled mason, Carl Kib, and the people survived the press.

Carl Kib was hailed as a hero and lead a counteroffensive that may have failed, but for a fleet of Dwarves taking the harbor. Together, they drove the most militant monotheists southward.

In the following few years, the fort became Kib’s Keep, and the landing named Kib’s Harbor, and a farming settlement raised—called Kib’s Care. The monotheists founded a city called Lanturne.

Now, generations after that conflict, explorers and adventurers have met with many races of the land: Elves, Halflings, Gnomes, and the hated Orcs and Goblins. Cultures are mixing, and the face of war and diplomacy is in a potent state of flux.

Kib's Legacy

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