Kib's Legacy

Escape to the Caverns

A pair of fey were also tracking the cart, and thanks to their intervention, the ogre was defeated. The homonculus was clutching a satchel but otherwise not involved in defending the carts. When the satchel was taken from it, it let an earsplitting shreik and crumbled to dust.

Moments later, the slanted, driven snow whipped in the wind and a huge figure appeared. The mountainside grew dark in its presence, but its general features were easy to distinguish. As tall as four men, it was easy to see he had cracked-looking skin on his legs—veins of black lightning. White-furred animal skins were tied in place by long chains of silver and gold, and around his waist was a leather belt with cluster of human-sized swords hung like a jailer might hang a ring of keys. In contrast to the white fur and silver that was his clothing around the shoulder area, his beard and mustache were wiry and pitch black.

His eyebrows closed in a frown as he took in the scene: the elf moved to be between the Giant and Nymph, slaves and heroes scrambling around fallen carts. “You may not take back what I have taken,” his voice rumbled like a pipe-smoker with a cavern for a throat and boulders for a voice-box. “Learn this as I take your lives,” he finished, and after a sound like rocks cracking against ice, the Elf fell to his knees and then on his face in the snow.

The Nymph cried out in a moment of alarm before composing herself. “Is this what you want!?” she challenged, holding high the satchel that the homonculus had clutched. “Or would you rather have me?” As she finished the sentence, she fixed the Giant with a stare that caused him to gape, slack-jawed. In an instant she went from seductive to commanding. “Hurry to that tree!” she ordered all survivors, slave and hero alike. In a panic, most slaves ran down the slopes of the mountain, but the heroes and one slave hauled a cart of weapons toward the tree she had pointed at. She touched the bark and muttered some syllables and a hollow opened in the tree. She jumped through immediately, and the adventurers followed with the cart.

The passage was short and everyone felt squeezed on all sides with nothing to make traction on. Before another moment had passed, they were all expelled onto a dimly lit floor as if birthed there. As everyone was gathering their senses, the Nymph said, “I must get his body, stay.” and with that she tossed her satchel onto a nearby shelf and jumped into a clear pool.


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