Kib's Legacy

War is Stirring

Kib’s Keep had been in a state of peace for far to long. The present leader, Kyle Kib, is pressed by a concerning gathering of Orcs and Goblins within the Taanwood.

Why the Orcs are cooperating with eachother, let alone with the Goblins, is a mystery. What’s not a mystery is the threat they pose. Word has come in that a legion has managed to strike a deal with the Gnomes of Equipoise for a substantial amount of weapons—enough to equip a small army.

Equipoise is far enough away that a medium-sized troop could be ambushed and destroyed, and a large-sized troop would leave the Keep vulnerable for far too long, so Kyle decides to send a small group of saboteurs to intercept and either appropriate or destroy the weapon shipment.

Enter our heroes: Salmolin, Azelia, Khalen, and Joel’s Character.


dartagnon_reid dartagnon_reid

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